Excited to be having a baby? 

Are you feeling nervous/anxious?

Lots of questions and queries about pregnancy and birth?

Having a baby can be so overwhelming and exciting at the same time, hypnobirthing and relaxation can enhance the enjoyment of your pregnancy and birth journey.

During our workshops we focus on relaxing both mind and body using a variety of scripts from the LBC programme. 

Providing you with tools to help you feel prepared, empowered and in control, as well as teaching your birth partner to be your advocate during pregnancy and birth.

You will also gain some knowledge of  the physiology of birth, hormones, how the brain works and post birth including the golden hour. 

FULL GROUP WORKSHOP at venue  =  2.5 HOUR SESSIONS  X3             £225  


FULL ONLINE GROUP WORKSHOP = 2.5 HOUR SESSIONS X3                                  £185

We offer a Holistic Approach to our workshops where you will benefit from 2 instructors at group sessions

Our 1:1 sessions are carried out individually

1:1 FULL COURSE IN YOUR OWN HOME = 4 HOURS SESSIONS X2                         £185


* We look forward to welcoming you and your birth partner to our safe space that aims to relax and empower you.  *


*relaxation *empowering *advocate *knowledge *holding space * prepared

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