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Mother Blessing Ceremonies are widely held in countries other than the UK, however with thanks to Emma Ashworth they are becoming more well known and held here.



A mother blessing is a ceremony where women come together to nurture and support other women, commonly the mother to be.

The concept is that these women (be it sisters, grandmother, mother-in-law, friends, aunts etc) come together and connect on a spiritual and emotional level.

A mother blessing can be held anywhere;

  • a yurt

  • woodland

  • gardens

  • at home (covid permitting)

  • via zoom albeit a little less intimate it still works the same.

At a ceremony we share hopes and wishes for the expectant mother as well as holding space and reverence for all attendees. There is some craft that can sometimes include Henna/body paint as well as sharing pregnancy/birth affirmations, thread ceremony, circle ceremony, candles crystals, sharing of food and more! 

For and alternative more intimate coming together of energy and power of women this is a great way to celebrate the mother to be.

Ceremonies last 3 hours (celebrants time is 4 hours to help set up and pack away)


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