Other Services we offer

Mind Body Birth Affirmation Group


This is our replacement group for (The Positive Birth Movement Group)

It is a FREE to attend group with discussions once a month surrounding pregnancy, choice, birth and postnatal issues.

Refreshments are available and this is held at my home (Lucy). enquire for Address. 



 Hypnobirthing with


Hypnobirthing is a fantastic way of utilising your mind to relax and connect with your baby during pregnancy. It is also a crucial tool for a calmer birth using breathing techniques and visualisations. To enhance this we also signpost you to all the research for you to make your own informed decisions regarding your birth. 

These are excellent for all styles of birthing choices, home, hospital, inductions, Cesareans.

Group Sessions are;

  • x3 classes at 3 hours each (these will resume when we have adequate social distancing space to do so)

1:1 Sessions are;

  • x3 at 3 hours each


  •   £160 per couple (usually £185 per couple)

x3 Classes at 2.5 hours each these can be split over 3 sessions via zoom

3 Hour Workshop £75 (3x 1hours sessions via zoom)

Face to Face 3 hour workshop £100


Relaxation Classes

Our pregnancy relaxation classes are a wonderful way to relax in a positive, calm environment. They are a fantastic way to meet other mums to be to discuss all things life and birth. We focus on mindfulness and you will enjoy a relaxation script to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

Refreshments are included;



fresh fruit

cake & biscuits. 

£15 per session pay as you go

(book course of 4 weeks for £40)

currently limited to four people per class :( once we have arranged adequate social distancing venue this will increase)


I am an experienced Reflexologist, my practice encorporates;

  • fertility,

  • conception and

  • pregnancy Reflexology as well as general Reflexology. 

I offer a Preparation for Labour session from 36/40.

Reflexology is an ancient practice that uses massage on pressure points of the hands or feet to bring balance to the body's organs. In doing this the body functions more efficiently.

General Reflexology              £35

for 1 hr (incl.consultation)

Pregnancy Reflexology         £40

1 hr 15mins  


An excellent way to unwind and fully relax before your baby arrives.

Lyndsey is our Holistic Therapist with 12 years experience in massage.

£60 1hr treatment