New Year and what we are going to be up to at Mind Body Birth West Sussex

Hello everyone, I trust you have all had a peaceful yet crazy, joyous yet reflective Christmas period.

For the New Year i just dropped my daughter to the train station as she is with her friends tonight, i miss her but i know she'll have a great time there!

I am doing the usual cooking the dinner and getting the house ready for our family to join us tomorrow.

Thinking forward to the coming weeks, months, year we have lots going on that will benefit the women and families we support and care for, as well as growth for ourselves.

Personally I am looking into courses; biomechanics for birth, cannulation courses, suturing courses, buying books surrounding pregnancy and birth to further my knowledge too!

And this new year is already filling up with new clients expecting their babies, I am second on call for at least 3 women and families and have a client of my own!

a dream/wish of mine is coming true in 2020 and that is independent working as a Midwife, giving care as i wish to give and the type that all women should be entitled.

On top of this our Hypnobirthing classes and Antenatal Education Classes will be starting mine at The Yurt and Lyndseys one to ones and groups in Crawley.

whatever you are doing this evening be safe and enjoy the new morn tomorrow xxxxxxx


What is your favourite downtime activity??

so far December has had me doing a paint by numbers app on my IPHONE!! and its amazing some of the images are beautiful and the satisfaction when you complete a picture (without anyone needing anything else from you lol) is so lovely and calming.

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