where did life go?.........

well where to start!!! It's been a while since I wrote a blog here and for some very good reasons!

To start ....COVID!!! a horrendous pandemic that pretty much shut the world down for a good year and a half. I worked tirelessly throughout caring for my family and for women and families who found themselves lacking in care for birth/Midwifery support.

Some wondrous things happen when the world stops to take stock of life around husband was furloughed in the pandemic and stayed home with our children whilst I was out at births and appointments coming out of my ears (we had 19 births between may and June that year between 5 midwives). We discussed having another baby of our own, he stated he was enjoying being with our children without the outside world pressures.

By July 2020 we were pregnant but sadly this pregnancy was not to last and by 12 weeks I suffered a miscarriage on the same day of our sons 10th birthday .. the most unimaginable emotional pain I've experienced, we had seen a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks but strangely that pregnancy never felt "right" I always felt something was off. My intuition was right, I birthed our tiny baby at home with a friend and my Midwife Lynsey and we caught baby and when I was ready we buried our baby in our garden so we and the kids could be close to the spirit that Never stayed. I did look into causes as we all do ..the need to find out the why took over.. I believe now that it may have been GROUP b strep (GBS) infection that may possibly cause early miscarriage the Gp had found this in my urine and id not been informed of this therefore wasn't given the option of antibiotics. Somehow my urine test had also been lost twice so the took up the valuable time to resend etc. I will NEVER know for sure 100% why our baby couldn't stay with us, and the hardest part was telling our kids who were also so excited for a sibling.

Within 5 months I was pregnant again, and let me tell you pregnancy after loss is tough, riddled with anxiety but so much gratitude to boot! The pregnancy went very well although every scan led to some gut wrenching worry .... I had extra scans towards the end for query breech presentation (when baby is bottom down), I was measuring over what is expected and baby was predicted to be 9.5lbs+ with excess waters. I researched and used my own knowledge of Midwifery evidence and concluded I did not want intervention in regards to the GBS id had an early urine test sent which showed no infection, I contacted my lovely homeopathic midwifery colleague who suggested remedies to keep that type of infection at bay I feel it worked Claire Chaubert is amazing if you would like to know more about Homeopathy in pregnancy.

due to me tracking my cycles so closely to become pregnant I knew our given estimated date may not be met which it wasn't lol our 2nd December baby decided to meet us on 24th November all 7lbs 3oz (not the predicted 9.5lber!) at home in water surrounded by my birth team who had supported me with my was the most emotional healing birth I could have asked for....

I'd had a Mother Blessing (pics I'll share when I can add them to laptop!) and the girls were informed I was in labour, they all lit their candles to send me strength and love as I birthed. My pregnant sister in law was one of my birth partners and she was outstanding (id been with her for her first and now she was returning the favour lol). SO YEAH could say I've been busy.

I hope everyone has stayed safe and well and enjoyed as much of life as you can as tomorrow is not promised!

As of Sept I will be back offering Antenatal and Postnatal appts both blocks and one offs. As of now I am setting up some breastfeeding groups and 1:1s message me for pricing or check out our Facebook group Mind Body Birth Holistic Therapy West Sussex


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