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Amethyst Package 

Antenatal classes incl. Hypnobirthing (The Little Birth Company Programme)       

(These classes are a 10 hour Midwife led workshop discussing pregnancy physiology, hypnobirthing relaxation for pregnancy and childbirth, and postnatal practical skills.)                             


Quartz Antenatal Package 

Antenatal care package includes home visits or accompanying hospital visits (usually 11 visits/appts £150 per appt).

FREE initial meeting

* At first contact we discuss your needs/requirements 

* The next meeting is the booking appointment which is commonly 1.5 hours and allows us both a comprehensive understanding of care provision and tailored need. This involves a comprehensive obstetric and medical history as well as taking blood samples (this will all be explained at the initial meeting).  

All follow up appointments generally last up to 1 hour to enable you to receive comprehensive informed decision making and any questions answered.

*This package has inclusion to the Amethyst Antenatal Package (hypnobirthing training which is usually £180)

also incl. x1 massage (£60) and x2 Reflexology (£40 per treatment)*

Individual Appointments

I also offer individual appointments for women who may not be able to make certain ones at the hospital or health centres, or it may be that you just generally want an extra check up. 

These appointments usually last an hour and you and your baby are thoroughly checked.


36 weeks Shortened Package

This package is designed for those who are in or coming up to their 36th week of pregnancy. 

The great thing about this package is that you are seen weekly until you birth your baby!

you get x2 weeks postnatal (up to 4 in the first week and 2 in the 2nd week).

Please message to discuss further if you are interested in changing your care provider. 

An explanation of care package will be provided.

Moonstone Birth Package

This is the Birth package, it includes Homebirth attendance and/or hospital support attendance.

Meaning access to me via phone and me being on call from 37/40 until the birth of your baby.

I will stay with you for at least two hours post birth, checking that both you and your baby are well, and I assist with feeding if required.

(If you choose the Amethyst package alongside this package i will also be there to support your hypnobirthing and we can use techniques and scripts learnt in the Amethyst class sessions).

I also offer reflexology for labour to assist relaxation and balancing the body.

I work alongside other Independent Midwives and you will meet the second midwife at least once Antenatally.





Turquoise Postnatal Package

The Turquoise postnatal package includes;

  • up to 12 postnatal visits,

  • advice over the phone

  • Newborn Bloodspot

  • breastfeeding/feeding support

  • new mother checks (BP, temp, wound care etc)

  • newborn wellbeing checks 

option to add Emotional support coach (please enquire for more information as this is a separate service and does incur a fee)


The Crystal Package offers all of the above in one package and you always have the opportunity to enhance the package with one or more of our add ons.

We also have a pick and mix option that allows you to mix and match some packages e.g;

Amethyst and Moonstone only or Quartz and Turquoise

There is an option in certain cases to pay monthly but this needs to be discussed at time of booking!

we look forward to supporting you through this life journey.

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