Services & Prices


Amethyst Package 

Antenatal classes incl. Hypnobirthing (The Little Birth Company Programme)       

(These courses are team taught workshops discussing pregnancy physiology, hypnobirthing relaxation for pregnancy and childbirth, and postnatal practical skills.)   

We offer 1:1 courses as well as group workshops online or face to face at a venue. 


           £150 (1:1)

£225 x3 2.5 hour Group sessions

£185 x3 2.5 hour online group workshop 

booking essential Contact

Lucy 07568 359 573 or

Lyndsey 07585 445 906            

Sleeping Baby

Quartz Antenatal Package 

Antenatal care package includes home visits or accompanying hospital visits (usually 12 visits/appts £150 per appt).

FREE initial meeting

* At first contact we discuss your needs/requirements 

* The next meeting is the booking appointment which is commonly 1.5 hours and allows us both a comprehensive understanding of care provision and tailored need.

This involves a comprehensive obstetric and medical history.

All follow up appointments generally last up to 1 hour to enable you to receive information to assist you to make informed decisions and answer any questions/queries.

Includes 28/40 bloods.

Includes Reflexology treatment

This package includes the Amethyst antenatal and hypnobirthing workshops.


Individual / Enhanced Appointments

I offer individual Midwife appointments.

These may be antenatal or postnatal. 

During this Covid- 19 Pandemic we are fully aware that due to certain restrictions on the NHS a lot of women are searching for some continuity and some more care and information than the NHS can currently provide to its capacity. Some of our clients just cannot make the appointments that have been made for them, so they call us as we can carry out these visits in the comfort of your home (during the pandemic we wear full PPE and check our temperatureand we ask that you check your temperature prior to visit) We are here to help bridge that gap! 

It may be that you just generally want an extra check up on top of the care you are receiving or purely want to discuss questions or queries. 

These appointments usually last an hour and you and your baby are thoroughly checked.



Turquoise Postnatal Package

The Turquoise postnatal package includes;

  • up to 12 postnatal visits,

  • advice over the phone

  • Newborn Bloodspot

  • breastfeeding/feeding support

  • new mother checks (BP, temp, wound care etc)

  • newborn wellbeing checks 

  • Doula support at home (optional)

option to add 3 step rewind technique, Emotional support coach (please enquire for more information as this are a separate service and do incur a fee)


 3 Step- Rewind 

A gentle and safe way to lift the heavy feelings and symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth. Using relaxation, guided use of memory and imagination.

Now taking bookings for the 3 Step-Rewind

The process is usually covered over three sessions but can be adapted to your needs..

I can offer this face to face or via zoom. 

To find out more please call me on 07585445906 or email me

As a practitioner I am offering this for  £100, payment plans available.

Mother Blessing 

Mother Blessings are beautiful ceremonies held by Celebrants for expectant mothers. These are great as gifts or set up by mum herself. These ceremonies are an emotional/spiritual nurturing experience, where women support women! 
Ceremonies typically last 3-4 hours in total and you will all leave feeling relaxed, emotionally connected and refreshed.
to find out more please contact us or check out the celebrant hire page in the menu above.


Doula Support (Antenatal/Postnatal)

Bespoke package of 15 hours flexible, personalised and adaptable to your needs

Package £180

£12p/h additional hours

Call me for a chat and together we can work out  what's perfect for you all.

We also have a pick and mix option that allows you to mix and match some packages e.g;

Amethyst and Moonstone only or Quartz and Turquoise

There is an option in certain cases to pay monthly but this needs to be discussed at time of booking!

we look forward to supporting you through this life journey.